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We are all aware the U.K. is going through a care crisis, care homes are closing, funds are diminishing and N.H.S. beds are scarce. 

The aging population is, through no fault of its own, becoming a burden on society. 

This has caused a terrible strain on resources and even more important it has caused heartache and pain for many families struggling to find the correct life balance.

Senior Moments Care have come up with a solution to help alleviate this problem and we have opened our main headquarters within the Fylde Area. 

We have undertaken 10 months research across Social Care departments and N.H.S. England and Wales trying to find a workable solution.

As a result, we have developed our own model combining two successful services "Homecare and Day care".

Our aim to offer flexible care and daily respite seven days a week to those who need that extra help to retain their independence whilst remaining in their own home.

We can offer highly specialised help for those amongst us who have with a family member living with Dementia, 

As it stands many families reach a point where they cannot cope any longer and consider placing their loved ones in a care home.

This has the effect of tearing families apart and placing considerable strain on their emotions and finances.

Our answer is a  cost-effective, viable solution that we hope will give families more time together to live as a family unit reducing the time they will spend apart.

 The solution starts with a flexible care package based on the client's needs.

  We are a small private company offering bespoke care and not a large corporate chain who seem to put profit before care.

Families can choose the amount of care required on a daily/hourly basis, care visits can be extended or reduced.  

We can arrange for morning and evening visits as well as all-night care.

Each client will be allocated a team of 5 carers, allowing us to gain the confidence of our clients and their family members.

All our staff have been selected for their experience and compassion, they are trained and assessed at our own in-house facility.

In addition, we have staff trained in providing excellent end of life care which will enable your loved ones to spend their final days surrounded by family in the comfort of their own home.

We can also provide an optional service where we build in daily respite by offering the use of our café and hub facility based in St Annes on Sea. 

At the hub clients can be looked after from 9.30am until 6pm or shorter intervals if required.  A light lunch is available as well as unlimited hot and cold refreshments. 

Our staff in the hub include a nurse, a carer and an activities co-ordinator who are on hand to provide for all their needs.

The hub has a daily limit of 25 places and clients who use our at-home nursing services will have priority in booking a slot at the hub.

​ After the hub closes, we can arrange for clients to be brought home and if needed, the team can be there to help to settle down for the evening..

A fresh Approach to Care

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