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Senior Moments Care Recommended on homecare.co.uk

What we do

Our  Home care support team can enable you to remain within your home  with our bespoke and flexible  person centred support or take you shopping or maybe to the theatre or the hairdressers 

We can accompany you to yoga or golf or other activities, or go on day trips or holidays helping  you to continue  your hobbies or interests

We can also deliver your meals which are prepared daily at our cafe and if you fancy some company while you are dining we can join you

We can escort you to the Doctors or Hospital in our wheelchair accessible vehicle or pick up your prescription

We can support you to join  in the events at the hub

We have a nurse that can visit you to alleviate any concerns

We are trained in many other aspects of care such as peg feeds and complementary therapies

Contact us for a no obligation chat or drop in for coffee at our office in Moments Cafe and Hub







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gallery/image 25-08-2019 at 21.30